Achmea Climate Conference 2019 (Dutch spoken event)

Zeist, the Netherlands
15 May 2019, 09:00 - 13:00

Combining ideas to solve our climate challenges

How can we protect ourselves against the consequences of climate change?
And how can we help prevent further global warming?

These issues will be discussed during the Achmea Climate Conference on Wednesday morning 15 May from 9:00 to 13:00 hrs. The central question of this conference is: What kind of solutions could we come up with to make the live of the clients of Achmea healthier and more sustainable?

Idea sharing between the EIT Climate-KIC community and Achmea

The task to tackle climate change is enormous and too big to tackle alone. Smart cooperation and new initiatives are needed. We all feel the urgency to act. Innovative services and products are needed to meet the challenges of climate change. We will share our wide range of innovations we have supported in the past nine years. Like in our projects and programmes, we will work closely together with Achmea to deliver more action within and outside their sector, as well as across national borders.

What to expect at the Climate Conference

Our CEO, Kirsten Dunlop is one of the key note speakers during this conference.  She will present the unique European collaboration within EIT Climate-KIC and her vision on the role Achmea could haev as an insurance company in a changing world. Willem van Duin, chairman of Achmea’s Board of Directors, will discuss the importance of innovation related to climate change through the eyes of Achmea.

During several workshops the attendees will be challenged to develop ideas on climate risks and the energy transition. Specific themes are:

  • Mobility
  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Investing
  • Living & Working

Achmea will conclude the conference with a spectacular innovation from Dutch soil for a sunny view on the future.

Registration & More information

For more information, please visit the registration page on the website of Achmea.
As mentioned above, this is a Dutch spoken conference. The key note of Kirsten Dunlop will be in English.


Handelsweg 2
3707 NH Zeist
the Netherlands
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