Amsterdam City Challenge – Innovate the city in 24-hours!

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
16-17 June

Do you have a novel idea that can help solve urban challenges in the City of Amsterdam?

Join our 24-hour non-stop pressure cooker event on 16-17 June to kick-off the WeMakeThe.City festival. Work in a multi-disciplinary team to ideate, uncover insights and propose innovative solutions to the city’s urban challenges.

Together we can turn the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area into a frontrunner of urban mobility and sustainable energy!

Amsterdam urban challenges

Living, working and doing business in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) is more appealing than ever before. As one of the leading economic centers in Europe, Amsterdam offers a great quality of life which continues to attract new residents.

As the city becomes more densely populated, city authorities face the growing challenge of ensuring that citizens have affordable and sustainable energy and mobility options. To ensure we keep Amsterdam as a clean and healthy city, and to achieve our carbon emission goals by 2030, we want to encourage accelerated innovation and support the development of new, smart technologies. Amsterdam City Challenge will allow us to do this in a joint effort with our citizens. 

More information & Registration

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